The annual subscription fees are:
- ordinary member € 350.00
- supporting member € 700.00
- student € 50.00

There are two ways to join:

1. Bank transfer in favor of AIFM to Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, Piazza Paolo Ferrari, 10 - 20121 Milan; IBAN: IT08H0335901600100000119642 - BIC: BCITITMX;
2. Authorize the AIFM secretariat to issue RIBA for the selected membership fee and deadline, providing the company's details (company name, address, VAT number, name and surname of the reference person, Bank of support, ABI and CAB codes, number of Bank account). This form of payment, unless canceled, remains in force for the following years, with the issue of RIBA expiring at the end of January.


We can distinguish ethical-moral and practical reasons, such as the cost / benefit ratio.
Associating and actively supporting its Association, in particular for a fragmented sector like the galvanic one, could be seen as a duty by entrepreneurs who look to the future and who want to grow and better face the challenges and choices with greater awareness. Associating means being available to share their experiences, not being alone in the face of problems. In many European countries, for example, the association is very much felt and most companies (up to 90%) pay the membership fee, allowing 'Association of maintaining very efficient structures, with real consultants available to associated companies.

The cost is the annual fee, whose size can not be thought to represent a real obstacle. The list of benefits is soon done, the membership qualification offers the following advantages:

1. Free subscription to the magazine "Electroplating and new finishes".
2. Discounts on the purchase of texts and technical documentation on participation fees for seminars, training courses and fairs organized or sponsored by our Association.
3. Access to the consulting service reserved for members.
4. Entering your company in the database of this site, with sufficient detail information to generate business contacts with new potential customers. If the company already has its own website, the insertion also includes "direct access" links.

Other benefits, difficult to evaluate, but certainly have a positive impact derive from the fact that the Association is the ideal form to activate and maintain contacts and relationships (with universities, research centers, public institutions, foreign associations, etc.) that the Galvanic company, alone and isolated, is not able to sustain.

With the limited forces we have already done, we have already done a lot, but there is no doubt that to continue on the road to improvement we need companies to support us, we leave the initiative to give us credit.


Founded in 1949, "Electroplating and new finishes" has always been the reference publication for the Italian electroplating companies and the metal finishing market sector.

Today it is the official organ of A.I.F.M., the Italian Association of Metal Finishes.

The editorial line of the magazine is characterized by the following two sections:

1) scientific divulgation, articles dedicated to the most interesting and topical subjects for the galvanic coatings and metal finishing sector, one of which is bilingual (Italian / English);
2) general and commercial information: Regulations - Industry News - Exhibitions and Exhibitions - Seminars and Congresses - Review of the foreign press - AIFM Courses and Seminars, and reports on meetings and conferences organized or sponsored by our Association.

Topics: Galvanic processes • Electroforming • Anodizing • Chemical deposition • Printed circuits • Selective processes • Plasma processes • Laser processes • Thermal processes • Mechanical treatments • Vibrofinishing • Electrophoresis • Phosphating • Waste treatment • Plant engineering • Health and safety • Regulations.

Readers profile: Engineers and technicians working in the field of metal finishing and metallic coatings, for electrolytic and / or chemical deposition. Entrepreneurs and managers of galvanic companies. Suppliers of plants, equipment and instrumentation for galvanic processing. Process providers and chemical specialties. Technologists and suppliers of plants for ecological treatments. End users.

The subscription cost is 70 euros / year (5 issues).
Terms of payment:

- Payment on CCP no. 001041401918 made out to Asfimet srl, Via Sismondi 50, 20133 Milan
- Bank transfer to: Asfimet srl, UBI Banca, Corso Europa 209, 20017 Rho (MI), ABI 03111, CAB - 20500, BIC BLOPIT22, IBAN IT06A0311120500000000001216

For A.I.F.M. the subscription is free and included in the membership fee.

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